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The Longines Master Collection 40mm Moonphase Alligator Strap

The Longines Master Collection 40mm Moonphase Alligator Strap
The Longines Master Collection 40mm Moonphase Alligator Strap
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The Longines Master Collection 40mm Moonphase Alligator Strap

Reference#: L2.909.4.78.3}, 40 mm diameter, Stainless Steel LNG0104344 L2.909.4.78.3}
USD $2,350
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Longines has exhibited a sincere dedication to traditional watchmaking craftsmanship since 1832. The watches crafted within the Swiss manufacture demonstrates values of elegance and innovation. Every Longines timepiece is destined for greatness, whether in exploration, aviation, sport, or simply exquisite design.

The Master collection is a perfect illustration of Longines' history of producing exceptional timepieces. Fusing classic elegance with excellent quality, each watch is fitted with a self-winding movement and a remarkable design.
$196/month for 12 months
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5-Year Warranty

Enjoy guaranteed protection from Tourneau. Together with the standard manufacturer’s warranty and the complimentary Tourneau warranty, this watch is guaranteed coverage for up to five years. This exclusive guarantee is reserved for new watches purchased at Tourneau.

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